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  1. Active Tournament Reports, Tournament is over "What do I as TD need to do?"
        [tr01] Print your hard copy reports for your files
        [tr02] Understanding Tournament Reports, Entries, Results, Newsline, Newspaper and Stats
  2. Record your tournament To who? Your Charter or direct to National?
        [tr03] Posting your event, Charter Controlled and Non Sanctioned, Stop here!
  3. Direct reporting to the NHPA using HsMaster
                [t05] Exporting results
                [tr06] Posting What does it do in the program?
  4. Emailing directly to NHPA
  5. Acceptable reports to the NHPA database
                                2.WR's Program
                                3. Snail mail (US Post Office)
                                4. Excel or a spreadsheet correctly formatted .cvs file (comma value separated)  or .txt ( plain text)

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